Port Authority is committed to maintaining service for customers who work in essential jobs or who need access to essential services while balancing the need to keep our employees safe and healthy in the wake of current events.

We will be observing the following schedules beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020. 

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Schedules in BOLD have not changed.

Weekend service has not changed. 


1 Freeport Road 2 Mount Royal 4 Troy Hill 6 Spring Hill
7 Spring Garden 8 Perrysville 11 Fineview 12 McKnight
13 Bellevue 14 Ohio Valley 15 Charles 16 Brighton
17 Shadeland 18 Manchester 19L Emsworth Limited 20 Kennedy
21 Coraopolis 22 McCoy 24 West Park 26 Chartiers
27 Fairywood 28X Airport Flyer 29 Robinson 31 Bridgeville
36 Banksville 38 Green Tree 39 Brookline 40 Mount Washington
41 Bower Hill 43 Bailey 44 Knoxville 48 Arlington
51 Carrick 51L Carrick Limited 52L Homeville Limited 53 Homestead Park
53L Homestead Park Limited 54 North Side-Oakland-South Side 55 Glassport 56 Lincoln Place
57 Hazelwood 58 Greenfield 59 Mon Valley 60 Walnut-Crawford Village
61A North Braddock 61B Braddock-Swissvale 61C McKeesport-Homestead 61D Murray
64 Lawrenceville-Waterfront 65 Squirrel Hill 67 Monroeville 69 Trafford
71 Edgewood Town Center 71A Negley 71B Highland Park 71C Point Breeze
71D Hamilton 74 Homewood-Squirrel Hill 75 Ellsworth 77 Penn Hills
79 East Hills 81 Oak Hill 82 Lincoln 83 Bedford Hill
86 Liberty 87 Friendship 88 Penn 89 Garfield Commons
91 Butler Street 93 Lawrenceville-Hazelwood G2 West Busway G3 Moon Flyer
G31 Bridgeville Flyer O1 Ross Flyer O12 McKnight Flyer O5 Thompson Run Flyer
P1 East Busway-All Stops P10 Allegheny Valley Flyer P12 Holiday Park Flyer P13 Mount Royal Flyer
P16 Penn Hills Flyer P17 Lincoln Park Flyer P2 East Busway Short P3 East Busway-Oakland
P67 Monroeville Flyer P68 Braddock Hills Flyer P69 Trafford Flyer P7 McKeesport Flyer
P71 Swissvale Flyer P76 Lincoln Highway Flyer P78 Oakmont Flyer Y1 Large Flyer
Y45 Baldwin Manor Flyer Y46 Elizabeth Flyer Y47 Curry Flyer Y49 Prospect Flyer